Saturday, June 11, 2011


I have just recently observed a pretty neat sequence of events in my time here, so I thought that I would relate it.

Many of you heard that one day last week my computer suddenly shut off and wouldn't turn back on again. I discovered that it was quite over-heated. It would turn back on again eventually, but I would have to get a fan if I wanted to keep using it. It would heat up very, very fast which endangers the computer and the files quite a bit.


I am very fond of my computer, and it really has been quite useful while I have been here. I did not foresee this need, so I was hesitant about going and buying a fan board which I knew wouldn't be cheap.

Next event...
In what may seem an unrelated note, the other night I ended up volunteering to work as a baby-sitter during the CAJ staff banquet. It was a good night, though tiring. And to my surprise we were paid afterwards for our help.

Mrs. Epley and I ventured to the electronics store last night and found exactly what I needed. But the really neat part was that I could pay for it with exactly the amount I'd been unexpectedly paid for the other night.

Despite this unexpected need, it was filled almost right away. Financial bothers can be very large bothers. But God is good at ordering our lives far more perfectly than we can.

I now have a fan, a happy computer and a very grateful heart. I thought this little tale would bring a little glory to the God who takes care of the small and big things.

In Him,


  1. Thanks be to God for his loving provision!

  2. Thank you, Lord! That is so cool. Thanks for sharing. =D


  3. Wow! How amazing, Mercy. :) Thank you for sharing. It's encouraging to hear God providing. *big hugs* I'm glad it all worked out. :)


  4. Oh, wow!! That is so neat! *hugs* :)