Monday, June 27, 2011

Daily Life

Greetings! I decided that I'd like to show you all what an average day of working at CAJ in the School Support Services office looked like, roughly. Our tasks vary widely, so each day looks a bit different—but I can at least give you a general idea.

Welcome to SSS!

Today, our job was organizing the SSS library. This required a lot of shifting, throwing away, sorting and shelving books that had recently been returned. It is a more involved, lengthy job than you might think.

Of course, one can't work on a rainy, gray day without a cup of coffee.

Lunch break! Some very tasty noodles.

And then it is back to work for a few hours.

It ended up being a bigger mess than we thought, so we stayed far later than usual today. With so much bending down, crouching, standing and shifting, I brought back some brand new soreness to enjoy.

Here are the two projects we have completed so far:

Tapes to CD. The SSS library had tons of audio books on cassette tape, but since no one really uses those anymore, they needed to be put onto CD. There were about two hundred of them in all, and I did the last hundred or so.

Then there is the Curriculum Cupboard that looked like this before we started:

Pretty much chaos. After a two day make-over, this is what it looks like now!

Hopefully the library will look that much better soon, as will the supplies and closets we have yet to sort. I hope you enjoyed getting a little look into a general day of my work at the office with Mrs. Epley. Thanks!

~ Mercy


  1. It's nice to see such chaos turned into organization! It looks like all your hard work is paying off. :)

  2. It gives me a certain satisfaction to see that cupboard become so organized. :)

  3. I love the picture of you with the coffee cup! :) Yes, coffee is a requirement for rainy day work. ;) Now I want some...even though it's not a rainy day here. :P