Friday, July 8, 2011

Dare We?

I felt like it was time I did a serious post that reflects some of the thoughts I have been having over the course of this trip. Everyone expects these kinds of adventures to spark some sort of deeper thought, so I wanted to share a bit of mine with you. If you don't like this kind of post, that's fine.

One thing I have learned about the human race is that as a general rule we don't like change. Even good change can cause us to struggle. In different seasons of life we may react better or worse to change, but we are always going to have difficulties with it at some point.

I have also learned that often we not only don't want our scenery or situation to change--we don't want what is inside us to change either. I, for one, fight against what God is trying to do inside me all the time. I don't want to give up my bad habits. I am scared to change.

Now it boils down to my point.

Dare we willingly walk into a situation we know will have to change us? Dare we face the risk of everything moving around inside our hearts without ever being able to go back to the way we were before?

As hard as it is, I will be honest. I was a little scared to go to Japan all by myself. Not really because of the language barrier or the travel or being alone. It was largely fear of change. I knew I would have to go to Japan, then go back to Texas a slightly different person.

I am not saying this to praise how brave I am. No, it is the opposite. I have been weak and scared. But here is what I have been learning:
We truly can do the impossible if we are following God. We can dare to change, and to be changed. We can even dare to change those around us with His help. We can do nothing alone, and everything with Him. Even though I have struggled, He has been helping my stubborn heart change.

I am not going to walk through the doors of my house as the exact same person I was when I left it. A strange thought, but I believe that at last I am starting to think that it is a nice thought. Through God the change can be good, and it can change our lives for the better, I think.

So just some food for thought. Dare we walk down a path we know will change us, all for the glory of our Lord? It will be hard, but not impossible, and it will be worthwhile. That is what I believe anyway.

Thanks for bearing with me. God bless each and everyone of you--I truly mean that.

In Him,
Mercy M. Burklin


  1. What a great post, and a great reminder, Mercy, and just what I needed to hear. :) Thank you.

  2. It seems we're walking through some of the same "dilemmas", Mercy. God has been doing some deep (potential painful) work in my heart and impressing on me the necessity of being willing to change.

  3. Oooh. Good thoughts. Exactly what I felt when I started college. :oops: I was so determined not to change, mostly because I thought I would be influenced in a bad way. But so many good changes have happened to me since then. I'm really glad about it, now. *hugs* Thank you so much for sharing this. :)