Saturday, July 16, 2011


Sorry that I haven't updated in awhile. I haven't exactly been busy, but my time has been quite nicely filled by this and that.

One of the main things that filled up my time yesterday was a festival. This festival was put on by the church and Bible school as an outreach to the community. They distributed ads for it all over and drew in as many random people in as could be. There was free food and drink, games, music from the praise band, and conversations with Christians.

I helped out at a drink/game booth, and managed to get by with very little Japanese. It was really fun to see those little kids get so much joy out of something so simple. It was a long, tiring day out in the heat. But I believe it was completely worth it. I believe that God used it to plant a few seeds in the hearts of the Japanese people who came. And isn't it amazing to be able to loudly sing praises to God out in the open where so many people can hear you?

It was nice to be around the Bible school students and all the cool people involved with the church. They are all very neat people, and helped me not to feel too out of place. I might never see these people ever again—an interesting thought.

So anyway. It was a good day, and a long day. I hope that any seeds that were planted will get enough water and sunshine to grow. Pray for these people that the church is reaching out to.

Here are a few pictures. The rest will go up on Facebook eventually.


In Him,


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  1. That looks really neat! I didn't know Japanese churches did things like this. Cool!